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CVCA 2010 Annual General Meeting & Summit will take place on Wednesday November 17th and Thursday November 18th, 2010 at Grand Millennium Beijing. The Summit is an annual trade event meant to provide a unique professional exchange platform for CVCA members and industry practitioners in the Greater China Region and worldwide.

2010 has been a very successful year to date for fund management. Renminbi and US dollar funds are both experiencing rapid growth, with sizable domestic and international general partners (GPs) contributing to their management. This situation poses challenges but also creates opportunities. With the growth of enterprise evaluation, more fund managers are beginning to study how to better provide added-value for entrepreneurs; how to create continuing value for Limited Partners (LPs) and how to better meet the duties of the VC/PE industry. In recent years, the VC/PE industry witnessed an excess of speculation and false booms, but this is steadying. 2010, therefore, will witness changes marking China’s VC/PE industry maturity.

This year, the conference theme will be to promote higher standards, create true values, and achieve another milestone of growth for the industry. The event will provide unparalleled opportunities for high-value business networking among peers and business partners. Through this conference, you can not only get abreast of the most up-to-date industry dynamics, new trends and intelligence, but also be involved in interactive exchange dialogues with other industry leaders, professionals, and peers who have interest in the Greater China Region.

We will also introduce a new format of meeting, including a number of practical break-out sessions with more in-depth discussions tailored for CEO, CFO, COO and Chief (in-house) Legal Counsel. These interactive sessions will not just be a small group of people giving talks, but rather all participants interactively involved in discussions. We hope that this more intimate roundtable format will enhance the effectiveness and professionalism of the conference.

Through different sessions, we hope that together we can provide a strong development strategy for building a sustainable VC/PE industry. CVCA AGM and Summit will be a truly CVCA members-owned event for innovation in the industry.



Raising Standards and Creating Value

for Greater Industry Development

November 17th-18th, 2010 (Wednesday- Thursday)

Chaoyang Grand Ballroom, Grand Millennium Beijing, Beijing, China


Wednesday, November 17th, 2010
17:30–19:00Cocktail Reception

CVCA Welcome Dinner

Keynote Speech: Dr. Shusong BA, Vice Director-general & Research Fellow, Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council

Thursday, November 18th, 2010


Registration /Western networking breakfast


Opening Remarks by

Yichen ZHANG, CVCA Chairman / CEO of CITIC Capital


Keynote Speech

Zhongmin WANG, Vice-Chairman, National Council for Social Security Fund


Keynote Speech

Wenlian CAO, Deputy Director-General, Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs, NDRC


Welcome Speech by the Title Sponsor, Conference Co-Chairman

Youxin CHEN, Director and General Manager, China Capital Management Company


Plenary session:Expand Sources and Opening up of Channels for RMB Fund-Raising

At present, which organizations are allowed to invest in RMB Funds?

Who are qualified and high-quality institutional investors after the National Council for Social Security Fund? What innovation or breakthrough of policies should be sought in respect of cultivating local LPs?

What is the potential scale for private capital to invest in RMB Funds? What are the opportunities and challenges during this development?

Beside securities, private banks, & trust companies, what other channels are available for RMB fund-raising?

How to deal with the problem of some newly formed funds making careless promises about investment rate return, which causes high expectations from investors?

Moderator:  Andrew Y. Yan, Managing Partner, SAIF Partners


Yong CUIDirector and Executive Vice President, China Life Asset Management Company Limited

Lei SHIExecutive Director, Bohai Industrial Investment Fund Management Co., Ltd.

Roman SHAWManaging Partner, DT Capital Partners

Bohui XIAGeneral Manager, Assets Custody Department of Head Office, China Merchants Bank

Cathy ZHANGManaging Director, Jinpu Industrial Investment Fund

Norman ZHONGCounsel, Fangda Partners


Plenary session: The Supervision and Policy Environment of RMB Funds

Which supporting policies need to be urgently consummated, broken through, and innovated in the respect of registration, recording, investing, exiting and taxation of RMB Funds?

What are the government's prospects for insurance companies investing in RMB Funds? What kind of prospective reflections and measures will the government competent department provide in the case of promoting private capital entering into the VC/PE industry?

With the promulgation of Equity Investment Fund Management Approach, what kind of opportunity would come along for RMB Fund development?

Which of the government departments play the leading role in RMB Fund supervision?

Moderator:Hugo SHONG, Founding General Partner of IDG Capital Partners


Jennifer QINLead partner, Deloitte's IM industry in Asia Pacific

Chang SUNManaging Director, Warburg Pincus

Ou WANGResearch follow, Research Center at CSRC

Sing WANGCo-Chairman, TPG Greater China/Head, TPG Growth North Asia/Partner, TPG

Yingling WEIPartner, Jun He Law Offices


Credit Suisse Luncheon

Welcome Speech:  Paul Q. SU, Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Greater China, Investment Banking Department, Credit Suisse

Keynote SpeechThe Great Structural Change Ahead in China

Speaker:  Dong TAO, Managing Director and Chief Regional Economist, Non Japan Asia, Credit Suisse

14:00–14:302010 CVCA Annual General Meeting (CVCA Members Only)

Parallel Roundtable:  Fund Internal Legal Counsels and CFOs Roundtable

Internal legal counsels and CFOs of the funds to discuss issues in depth and share experiences about legal issues and confusion during fund operation.

What is the new situation and development concerning US Dollar Fund structure design and investment contract design?

What is the innovation of RMB Fund structure design and investment contract design? What are the legal issues and how to solve them?

What is the solution of GP's proxy issues in RMB Funds?

How to effectively solve the problem of potential conflicts of interest caused by the situation that the same team manages both US Dollar Funds and RMB Funds at the same time? What are the mechanisms, institutional arrangements and innovative solutions?

What is the solution of currency swap of foreign GP investments in RMB Funds?

How will Chinese enterprises comply with western regulations for combating bribery?


Eric CHAN, Chief Financial Officer, CITIC Capital

Guest Speakers:

York CHENFounding Managing Partner, iD TechVentures Ltd.

Richard GUOPartner, Fangda Partners

Jun LIUVice President and Assistant General Counsel, Warburg Pincus

Pauline ZHANGTax Partner, Tax Leader of Greater China in charge of VC/PE tax services, Deloitte

Parallel Roundtable: CEOs, Partners and Fund Operational Management Roundtable

This roundtable offers the opportunity for CEOs, partners, and operation managers to share experiences, common issues and good practice relating to fund operation and management, as well as discussing how to build competitive internal human resource systems.

Fund operations are highly relevant to funds' business models and strategies. How can different funds models or strategies influence and impact operations, human resources management and incentive systems?

What are the best ways to establish competitive compensation packages and effective human resource management systems? How can we effectively promote a corporate team training mechanism in order to enhance cohesion and effectiveness within our teams? What is the right approach to dealing with geographical challenges; offices or investment teams spread throughout the country?

How important is it to build strong operation teams? How can adopting a different funds strategy impact operational team management systems?

How can funds effectively enhance reputation, build a strong brand and manage effective investor and external relations?

Moderator: Jing HUANG, Managing Director, Bain Capital

Guest Speakers:

Eric CHAITalent & Rewards Leader, Towers Watson

C.K. TSANGOperating Partner, TPG

Rebecca XUCo-Founder and Managing Director, Asia Alternatives

Fumin ZHUOFounding Partner, GGV Capital

15:45–16:00Coffee/tea networking break

Parallel Roundtable:Venture Capital Roundtable

What are some of the early to early growth areas for VC investing?

Are early stage deals for dollar and RMB different?

What kind of valuation are we seeing? How about other investment terms?

If pre-IPO deals can return 5-10x, what are some good reasons to stick to early to early growth?

Is it better to do an early stage deal by one firm, or have multiple funds co-invest?

What kind of feedback are you getting from your LPs regarding stages?

What are some of the things that you would like the early stage investing community to do together better?

What are some recommendations you have for the government to better encourage early stage investments? We will ask CVCA to submit a recommendation to the relevant government bodies.

Moderator: Duane KUANG, Managing Director, QiMing Venture Partners

Guest Speakers:

Fan BAOFounder and CEO, China Renaissance Partners

Ron CAOManaging Director, Lightspeed Venture Partners

Kathy XUFounder & Managing Partner, Capital Today Group

Jeffrey ZENGGeneral Manager and Managing Partner, Kaixin Investment

Wei ZHOUPartner, KPCB China

Allen ZHUPartner, GSR Ventures


Parallel Roundtable:Private Equity Roundtable

Pre-IPO investment: hot competition vs. differentiated strategies

Over-production and reorganization: opportunities for PE

PIPE investment: domestic vs. overseas

SOE restructuring: value-added services

Evaluation and grading of intermediaries

Moderator:  Yichen ZHANG, CEO, CITIC Capital

Guest Speakers:

Youxin CHENDirector and General Manager, China Capital Management Company

Iain N. DraytonHead of the Financial Sponsors Group, Goldman Sachs

Xihong DENGManaging Director, Hony Capital

Xinghong HUAManaging Director,Head of Beijing Office, Cerberus Asia Operations & Advisory Limited

Vincent HUANGPartner, Pantheon

Mike NetterfieldManaging Director and Head of TMT & Financial Investors Coverage, Asia, RBS

● We are in the process of inviting speakers. Please visit the website to know the latest agenda.

● Names of speakers are listed in alphabetic order.

● Chinese and English simultaneous interpretation will be provided during the summit.

Speakers & Panelists

(by the order of agenda):

Zhongmin WANG


National Council for Social Security Fund 

Wenlian CAO

Deputy Director-General 

Department of Fiscal and Financial Affairs, NDRC 

Yichen ZHANG

Chief Executive Officer 

CITIC Capital Holdings Limited 

Shusong BA

Vice Director-general & Research Fellow 

Financial Research Institute, Development Research Center of the State Council 

Youxin CHEN

Director and General Manager 

China Capital Management Company 

Andrew YAN

Managing Partner 

SAIF Partners 

Yong CUI

Director and Executive Vice President 

China Life Asset Management Company Limited 


Executive Director 

Bohai Industrial Investment Fund 

Management Co., Ltd. 

Roman SHAW

Managing Partner 

DT Capital Partners 

Chang SUN

Managing Director 

Warburg Pincus Asia LLC 

Bohui XIA

General Manager 

Assets Custody Department of Head Office, China Merchants Bank 


Managing Director 

Jinpu Industrial Investment Fund 

Norman ZHONG

Fangda Partners 



Founding General Partner 

IDG Capital Partners 

Jennifer QIN

Lead partner 

Deloitte's IM industry in Asia Pacific 


Research follow 

Research Center at CSRC 


Co-Chairman, TPG Greater China/Head of TPG

Growth North Asia/TPG Partner TPG Capital Limited/TPG Growth Capital(Asia) Limited 

Yingling WEI


Jun He Law Offices 

Paul Q. SU

Managing Director and Vice Chairman of Greater China, Investment Banking 

Department /大Credit Suisse 

Dong TAO

Managing Director and Chief Regional Economist Non-Japan Asia 

Credit Suisse 


Chief Financial Officer 

CITIC Capital 


Founding Managing Partner 

iD TechVentures Ltd. 

Richard GUO


Fangda Partners 


Vice President and Assistant General Counsel 

Warburg Pincus 

Pauline ZHANG

Tax Partner, Tax Leader of Greater China in charge of VC/PE tax services 



Managing Director 

Bain Capital LLC


Talent & Rewards Leader

Towers Watson 


Operating Partner 


Rebecca XU

Co-Founder and Managing Director 

Asia Alternatives 

Fumin ZHUO

Founding Partner 

GGV Capital 


Managing Director 

Qiming Venture Partners 


Founder and CEO 

China Renaissance Partners 


Managing Director 

Lightspeed Venture Partners 

Kathy XU

Founder & Managing Partner 

Capital Today Group 

Jeffrey ZENG

General Manager and Managing Partner 

Kaixin Investment 



KPCB China 

Allen ZHU


GSR Ventures 

Iain N. Drayton

Goldman Sachs 

Head of the Financial Sponsors Group 

Xihong DENG

Managing Director 

Hony Capital 

Xinghong HUA

Managing Director,Head of Beijing Office 

Cerberus Asia Operations & Advisory Limited 

Vincent HUANG



Mike Netterfield

Managing Director and Head of TMT & Financial Investors Coverage 

Asia, RB 

Note: More Keynote speakers and Panelists include those from government regulatory agencies, high-profile academics, PE/VC funds, financial service providers and enterprises. CVCA is in the process of invitation and Confirmation and will keep you posted on the new development.

Travel & Accommodation

Delegates are responsible for the arrangement and payment of their own travel and accommodation.

The Summit has arranged a special room rate at the hotel where the conference will take place.

If you wish to book a room, pls click here and get the filled form back to the hotel directly.

HOTEL RESERVATION FORM Grand Millennium Beijing


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